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 Since 1979

Princeton Seafood Market and Restaurant have provided the freshest of seafood to purchase live or fresh, dine in or outside patio, and take-out.  They also will cook your Dungeness Crab to perfection you just brought from Princeton Seafood Market or from a crabber boat.

Jacob, Fishmonger
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Princeton Seafood Market and Restaurant

Since 1979, Princeton Seafood Market and Restaurant Company have been one of the leading places to pick up fresh seafood for locals. Originally beginning as a fish wholesale company, business starting booming which evolved into the full-service seafood marketing and restaurant we all know and love today. With old family recipes and local flavors, Princeton Seafood Company remains one of the best in all of Half Moon Bay. Princeton Seafood  is located on Pillar Point Harbor

As one of the most popular fish markets, Princeton Seafood Market and Restaurant offer an abundance of seafood options. They are open Monday-Friday from 10:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Saturday and Sunday from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. 

With old family recipes of local flavors, Princeton Seafood Restaurant remain one of the best dine-in and dine-out experiences in all of Half Moon Bay. Owners Heidi and Albert are passionate and committed to environmentally responsible to provide exceptional food and the finest meals.


Discover why Owners Heidi and Albert are the proud owners and where the locals come for delicious seafood- and other food, from Pillar Point's famous and popular Princeton Seafood Market and Restaurant.

Straight From the Water

Generations of Franklins, Heidi and Albert, have made this Pillar Point Harbor waterfront establishment a place where locals and visitors go to eat  No way about it!.  


Nothing says fresh fish more than buying it directly from the man or woman who caught it. With Dungeness crab or Salmon season just around the corner, you’ll want to make sure you’re prepared to get the fresh seafood available in Half Moon Bay.

Customer comment:  "Excellent choice of seafood and is always always the best and freshest. When you walk in you can see what live and fresh seafood they have for that day. The staff is always very helpful and knowledgeable of the seafood they have for sale."

Pillar Point Harbor

As one of the only places where you can buy fish directly off of the boat, Pillar Point Harbor is one place you can’t miss. Boats are typically docked from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and the product varies each day. Before you head out to the harbor, give Pillar Point Harbor office a call for a message about what is on sale that day. They typically have everything from Dungeness crab, salmon, halibut to rock cod, and even tuna at Princeton Seafood Market. Prices vary depending on your choices and the season. After picking up your choice from the harbor, head over to Princeton Seafood Market and  Restaurant where they will clean and fillet your fish or cook and clean your live Dungeness crabs and Lobsters. While you’re at the harbor you might as well enjoy everything Princeton Seafood Co. has to offer.

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